Horses Years Ago…!

Horses Years Ago…!

Horses are pretty big now, right?  Well listen to this: 56 million years ago, horses were the size of house cats.

That is tiny!!

I wonder if you could consider horses as pets back then!

Do you like horses?

Smallest Dog Breed!

Smallest Dog Breed!

Do you know what the smallest dog breed is?  Here’s your answer:

A Chihuahua!

This tiny dog is the smallest dog in the world!

And….it even comes with a funny name 🙂

Do you own a dog?  More points if you own a Chihuahua!


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Fold-Up Bicycle

Fold-Up Bicycle

Have you ever wanted a super-small bike?  Well now there is a new invention!  There’s a bicycle that folds up small enough to fit inside of your backpack!

That’s right…You can ride to school on your bike, fold it up, and stuff it in your backpack before the bell rings.  Now, how awesome is that?!

Do you ever ride your bike to school?