Regrow, Regrow…

Regrow, Regrow…

Your skin sheds.  A lot.

Actually, your skin sheds and regrows about once every month!  That’s 12 times in a year!

Just think about all the skin that comes off of you…Ew.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever heard?

Stripes…Doesn’t Stop!

Stripes…Doesn’t Stop!

The stripes that are on tigers aren’t only on the fur.

Tigers have striped SKIN, too!

Can YOU imagine having striped skin??  That would be very odd.

But if you did have stripes, what colors would they be?

Dusty Home?

Dusty Home?

Have you ever noticed the dust in your home?  What do you think it’s made of?

Dust in your home is mostly made of your family’s dead skin cells.  Ick!

Some of the dust is from dirt and your pet’s hair, but the dead cells from your body make up most of the dust.

That’s why dusting may not be so useless!

Have you ever dusted your house?