Sprinkle the Topping on…Bread?!

Sprinkle the Topping on…Bread?!

Americans use sprinkles to top cupcakes, ice cream, or cakes.

But in the Netherlands, they do something totally different…They are commonly used as a topping on bread!!

Sprinkles on bread??  I wonder how that would taste!

Do you like sprinkles?  What do you put it on?

Eating Bread in the Netherlands!

Eating Bread in the Netherlands!

Most people in America eat bread with their fingers, right?

Well in the Netherlands it is different…it is most polite to eat your bread with a knife and fork!

No more finger food bread, now you’ll have to cut it in the Netherlands.

What type of bread is your favorite?  White?  Wheat?  A one-of-a-kind bread?

Want Some Toast?

Want Some Toast?

Here’s a way to toast your bread:

Add a lightning bolt!

One lightning bolt is so powerful, that it contains enough energy to toast about 100,000 slices of bread.  Isn’t that CRAZY?

(But I wouldn’t try it, unless you want to be toasted, too!)

What do you like ON your bread?