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The Trash Music!

In Taiwan, trash pick-up-day is all about music.

When the garbage trucks go down the street, they play music (very loud) to remind people to bring out the trash!

There is no sleeping in that morning- Unless you want to be woken up by the music garbage trucks.

What type of music do you like the best?

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Moon Whistling

If you tried to whistle on the moon, no sound would come out.

Astronauts have tried to make a bit of a screech come out of their mouths, but it just wouldn’t happen!

Poor astronauts!  They can’t even whistle a happy tune on the moon (Hey, that rhymes!).

Can you whistle?


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Musical Spider Silk

Violin strings make music.  But spider silk has been used to make violin strings!

Isn’t that crazy?  Spiders can help make music.  Definitely weird! 

Do you play an instrument?


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The Love-Struck Mosquito

When mosquitoes fall in love, they actually harmonize their buzzing sounds.

You may think that that mosquito buzz is annoying (especially when you’re trying to sleep!) but you may hear some harmony going on if one falls in love!

What month do YOU think is the worst month for mosquitoes?


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An Orchestra…Of Veggies??

Most orchestras consists of musical instruments, like trumpets, flutes, etc.  But not this orchestra!

An orchestra in Australia plays music…But the musical instruments are made from veggies!

That’s right: an orchestra that has carrots, potatoes, and others.  Weird!

What’s your favorite type of veggie?

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The Classical Milk…

Cows definitely like classical music.  Cows may produce more milk when they are listening to classical music!

Turn up the volume!  If you want more milk, play more classical.

I guess cows DO have a good ear for music.  They might be a little scared of Lady Gaga, though…

What’s you favorite type of music?

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The Multiple Choice Song Bird

All birds have their own unique song.  But did you know that canaries have their own unique songs?

That’s right!  Canaries can sing two different songs at the exact same time.

So, there is two different sounds coming out of the same mouth.  I bet YOU couldn’t do that!

Have you ever heard a canary?

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Fear of Flutes?

Do you have a fear of flutes?  Do you fear the little noise that comes out of the flutes?  If you do, you have a case of Aulophobia.

Aulophobia is the fear of flutes.  And yes, it IS possible to fear those little musical instruments!  (What if someone whacked you on the head with one?!)

But if you definitely have a FEAR of them, you can tell your friends your new word and your new fear.  Hey, who said fearing something isn’t cool?

So, do you like flutes or do you have Aulophobia?

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