Chewing gum- Banned

Chewing gum- Banned

Can you imagine your favorite double-fruity-mint gum being illegal to buy? That’s what happened in Singapore until 2004!

Singapore could not sell or import any kind of gum until they passed the law that it was legal in 2004. How sad is that?!

What is your favorite flavor of gum?


4 thoughts on “Chewing gum- Banned

  1. Chewing gum was never illegal in Singapore, only the act of importing and selling the gum. The act of chewing the gum itself has always been perfectly legal, unless of course you were to leave your gum on sidewalks and on public property, then you’d be fined for littering.

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    1. Thanks for your insight, Angela G. I believe this fact was only one sentence, stating that “chewing gum was illegal in Singapore”. The fact probably meant “chewing gum” as a type of gum, not as an action! Still, it is quite weird that Singapore was not able to sell or import gum! I’ll re-word the post 🙂

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