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A Pig Toothbrush?

Pig hairs are pretty tough.  But can you imagine scrubbing your teeth with pig hairs?

In the past, people used pig hairs as bristles on a toothbrush.  Just put a dollop of charcoal on the pig hairs, and you’re all set.  (Remember the fun fact a couple of days ago?)

Don’t cringe the next time you see a pig with those hairs.  Toothbrushes are now made the non-gross way!  Yay!


Do you like pigs?

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Thank the Drone for Your Pizza….

Pizzas are pretty good, but they are going to keep getting better…and better.

The delivery is going to be the best!  By the 2020, flying drones (flying DRONES!) will deliver your packages and pizzas to YOU.

That will sure be impressive.

What is your favorite type of pizza?

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Spider Silk Nets

Have you ever thought that spider silk was gross?  Well, in some countries, spider silk is used to make fishing nets!

In the United States, rope and string is used to make nets.  Or maybe some metal or plastic.  But can you imagine using spider silk??

The fish would surely stick to that net!

Do you like fishing?

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Gold In Humans

Blood, veins, bones, skin…That’s all in our bodies.  But did you know that GOLD is in your body too?

That’s right!  There is a tiny amount of gold in a human body.  How weird is that?

I guess you are rich, then!  (Well, slightly!)

If you had some gold, what would you like to buy?


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Cheek Taste Buds

We all have taste buds in our mouths.  That’s how we can taste food!

But when you were a baby, you had taste buds on your cheeks.  All babies have cheek taste buds.  So, technically, you used to be able to taste by rubbing food on your cheeks!

You used to be able to say, “yum!” without even opening your mouth!

If you could choose, where would you put your taste buds?  Legs?  Arms?  Feet?

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Looking Gloomy? You’re Busted!

Here’s a crime that used to exist in Pocatello, Idaho:

Looking gloomy!

But really!  It actually was a crime to look gloomy in Pocatello.

No one was allowed to be unhappy!

What makes you happy?

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Burning Hot Lava!

What is REALLY hot?

Lava, of course!

Lava flowing from a volcano can be as hot as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two thousand degrees!  That’s crazy.  (Now, you shouldn’t complain if it gets hot where you are!)

Do you like the heat?  Or do you prefer the cold?

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Any Space Junk Today?

Have you ever though, “No space junk will land on my house”? Well, there is a slight chance that it will!

There’s a one in a trillion chance that space junk will land on your house today.

That’s 1 in 1,000,000,000,000. Such a slight chance, huh?

What do you think will fall from the sky?

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Fast Cat

Cats may be slow when you try to move them out of your bed, but they definitely aren’t slow when they run.

Cats can run up to 31 miles per hour!  Not even humans can run that fast!

Next time you are in the car with your mom or dad, look how fast 31 miles per hour is.  You’ll be amazed.

Do you like to run?

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Growing Bamboo!

Have you ever tried to watch grass grow and find out it was really boring?

Have you ever tried to watch bamboo (a plant) grow and actually see it growing?

Bamboo has an amazing fast rate for growing- It can grow one inch in only one hour!  That’s much faster than grass and less boring, too.

If you stare at a bamboo plant, you may actually see it growing.  How cool is that?

Do you like plants?

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