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Losing Strands of Hair…

How many strands of hair do you lose each day?

Most people lose 75 strands of hair each day!!

That’s a LOT of hair!

Do you like your hair cut or do you grow it long?

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Seahorses are pretty cool.  They can look in two different directions at once!

Their eyes must be very flexible!  Can you imagine looking in two directions at once?

Just imagine:  you could see your brother stealing your favorite book AND catch your dog chewing on your stuff….at once.

What’s something that is really cool to look at?

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Chilly Flamingos?

When you think of flamingos, you probably think of somewhere hot, like Florida.

But did you know that some flamingos also live in the chilly Andes Mountains??

It gets really cold up there!  New fact: some flamingos aren’t sunbathers.

Do you like the color pink?  (Or flamingos!)

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Sail on, Sailfish

A sailfish is pretty awesome.

What can a sailfish do?  It can leap through the air (out from the water, of course) at 68 miles per hour!!

68 miles per hour!  That is super fast!  I wouldn’t want that flying at me…

What’s your favorite type of fish?

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Pigs, Pigs, Rolling in Mud

Have you ever wondered why pigs roll in the mud?

Here’s your answer!  Pigs can’t sweat, so rolling around in the mud is like blasting a fan directly on their bodies.

Now that is one creative way to stay cool.

Do you like pigs?

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Sprinkle the Topping on…Bread?!

Americans use sprinkles to top cupcakes, ice cream, or cakes.

But in the Netherlands, they do something totally different…They are commonly used as a topping on bread!!

Sprinkles on bread??  I wonder how that would taste!

Do you like sprinkles?  What do you put it on?

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Elephant Greet!

Elephants don’t shake hands or give each other a hug like humans do when they greet each other.

Elephants greet each other by entwining their trucks!

So, whenever you see an elephant do that with their trunks, it’s normal, they are greeting elephants.

What’s your favorite way to greet someone?

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Your Famous Portrait…On a Tortilla.

Do you want to be a tortilla artist?

Some artists paint portraits on baked tortillas.

I wouldn’t really want my face on a baked tortilla, would you?

What’s your favorite thing to do art on?

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Dig Dig Dig!

What can beat you at digging?

An aardvark can dig faster than several people with shovels!

Don’t ever challenge an aardvark to a digging contest.

Do you like to dig?


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Horses Years Ago…!

Horses are pretty big now, right?  Well listen to this: 56 million years ago, horses were the size of house cats.

That is tiny!!

I wonder if you could consider horses as pets back then!

Do you like horses?

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