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We all know that yawns are contagious for humans.

But yawns are also contagious for chimpanzees!

That means, if a chimpanzee decides to yawn, the chimpanzee next to him will yawn….and so forth.

What other animals have you seen yawn?


How Much Does Earth Weigh?

Have you ever wondered how much Earth weighs?  Well, here’s the answer for you!

Earth weighs about 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

In shorter terms, Earth weighs 6.6 billion trillion tons.


What’s the heaviest thing you can think of?

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The Belly Button LINT

Have you ever looked at your belly button and noticed the lint stuck inside of it?

Well here’s the common things you can find in your belly button:

1. clothing fibers

2. hair

3. dead skin cells

Gross!  Make sure you actually clean your belly button!

Do you know if you are an outie or an inie?

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Teenager Cleopatra?

How old was Cleopatra when she was the queen of Egypt?

Cleopatra was only a teenager when she was Queen!

That’s pretty young to be ruling Egypt, don’t you think?

Do you think YOU could be King or Queen?

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Flushing Trees?

Yes, it IS possible to flush a tree down a toilet.  Toilet paper is made of trees, and you flush a whole lot down the toilet!

Actually, people flush an astounding 27,000 trees’ worth of toilet paper down the toilet every day.

Those poor trees!

What other things are trees used for?  Do you know?

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Roller Coaster…The Next Goldmine!

You may be surprised about what you can find under a roller coaster.

In a lake under a roller coaster in England, the following stuff was found:

- Three sets of false teeth

- A wig

- A glass eye

And that was only under ONE roller coaster!

Do you like going on roller coasters?

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Geep. Geep? Geep!

You must be wondering:  what IS a geep?

A “geep” is part goat, part sheep!

I wonder if the “geep” actually makes a sound of “GEEP!”

What do you think?  Have you ever seen a goat or a sheep?

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The Long Fear of Purple

Do you have a fear of purple?  If so, you have:


Try to pronounce that!

I hope you don’t have that fear, either.  I like purple!  :)

Do you like the color purple?

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BACON Soap!!

Yummy soap!  You can buy some soap that smells like bacon.

So did you wash your hands to get the bacon smell off?  Well, wash it with the bacon soap, and the smell will come right back on your hands!

I wonder what they will make next?  Cheese soap?  Mustard soap?   Pancake soap?

Create a soap…what soap smell would you create?

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Insects…And Animals

Here’s a fact that is quick but astonishing.

75% of all animals are insects!!  That’s an amazing rate!

Ladybugs, flies, inchworms…All rule in the animal race.

What’s your favorite insect?


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