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Backwards Spinning Venus!

All planets spin one way…except for Venus.  Venus spins backward!

Venus is the only planet to spin backward.  It’s pretty special.

Imagine is EARTH spun backward!

Do you have a favorite planet?

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Elephant Pizza!

How big was the world’s largest pizza?

Well, let’s see.

It was 122 feet, 8 inches across and weighed 26,883 pounds….As much as two male African elephants!

Wow!  Now I’m hungry!

Do you like pizza?  What’s your favorite topping?

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Tiny, Tiny, Cells

Yes, the cells in your body are really tiny!!

Actually, about ten thousand of the cells in your body could fit on the head of a pin!

I can’t even imagine how many total cells are in a human’s body.

Are you interested in science stuff like cells?  Or do you think it’s gross?

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Smallest Dog Breed!

Do you know what the smallest dog breed is?  Here’s your answer:

A Chihuahua!

This tiny dog is the smallest dog in the world!

And….it even comes with a funny name :)

Do you own a dog?  More points if you own a Chihuahua!


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Yikes! Only Royal Toilet Paper?

Back in the 1300s, life could be pretty tough in China.

The Chinese invented toilet paper at that time, but it was only used for emperors!

That meant – no toilet paper for you!

Would you ever want to be an emperor, king, or president somewhere?




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Double Sunset, Double Sunrise.

Where can you see the sun rise and set twice in a day?  On Mercury!

But does that mean there are actually….Two days in one day??

Very confusing.

Would you like two sunrises and two sunsets in a day?  Or not?

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Yes, Pigs Racing YOU!

Play a video game with your little sister?  Yeah, easy.  But did you know that some pigs have been taught how to actually play video games?!

These trained pigs can actually play a video game!  I totally bet he could beat you on Mario Kart!  :)

What video games do you like to play?  Or do you not play them at all?

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The Owl Group

Wonder what a group of owls are called?

Here’s your answer:  a group of owls is called a parliament!

Now try pronouncing that!

Do you like owls?

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Hot Flyer

Butterflies are hot fliers.

Their body temperature needs to be more than 86 degrees or they are not able to fly!

If they get cold…They have to walk.

What color butterfly do you like the best?

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Yes.  A purple carrot.

In its ancient form, a carrot used to be purple, NOT orange.

Now how weird is THAT?!

Do you like carrots?

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