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Toilet Bowl House

Do you want a house that is designed to look like a toilet bowl?

If you travel to South Korea, you can find a house that looks just like a toilet bowl!  :)

Maybe you can ask the same designer if they can build YOU a toilet bowl shaped house.

Would you want to have a house shaped like a toilet bowl?

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Mars Sunset

The sunset on earth is a pretty red, pink and yellow.  What color is the sunset on Mars?

The sunset on Mars appears blue!  Not yellow or pink…It’s blue.  Imagine a sunset the color of the sky.  How weird!

Maybe the sky on Mars is a totally different color from the sky on earth…

Have you ever watched the sunset on earth?  What did you think of it?

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When the Lightning Strikes!

If you’re a girl, you are better friends with lightning.  Girls get struck by lightning less than boys.

If you’re a boy, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning…But don’t worry!  There is about 1 in a billion of a chance that you would get struck.  :)

Isn’t it weird that boys get struck by lightning more often than girls?  Hmmmm…Maybe boys have an enemy with lightning!

Do you like thunder and lightning storms?

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Yummy Toothpaste!

It’s not the brightest idea to eat your toothpaste.  But when you buy the chocolate flavored toothpaste, you may want to restrain yourself more!

Yes, it’s true: you can buy chocolate flavored toothpaste.  Yum…or not.  Don’t swallow it!

Toothpaste also comes in lots of other yummy flavors: strawberry, vanilla, blueberry…

What is your favorite type of toothpaste?

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What goes, “ROAR”?  Lions, of course.  But did you know that a snow leopards can’t roar at all?

They can walk, jump, and hunt, but they can’t roar.  How sad…

Snow leopards are black and white, and they like the snow.  ROAR!

Do you like the snow?

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Bison + Cow

So, you’ve seen a bison.  You’ve definitely seen a cow.  But have you seen a beefalo?

A beefalo is part cow, part bison.  It’s quite a sight!  The name is funny enough, but you’ve got to see one.

Next time you go to a farm, ask the farmer is he has a beefalo.  He may look at you strange, but he will sure think you’re smart!

Have you ever seen a beefalo?

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Eight Creepy Eyes…

What has eight creepy eyes?  A spider!

Most spiders have eight eyes.  Let me tell you, they are watching you from every direction!  Hey, they don’t want to get squashed!

These eyes aren’t all the same size, either.  They are small, large, round…

You better watch out, spiders are watching you!  (But they are friendly ones, they want to be your buddy!)

Are you afraid of spiders?

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The Bee Sting

Have you ever been stung by a bee?  Well, if you have, it wasn’t a boy bee… It was a girl bee!

Only female (girl) bees sting.  So you can blame those wacky little girl bees instead of the innocent boy ones.

This shows that girls can get mad, too!  :)

So, have you ever been stung by a bee?


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The Biggest Bird

Have you ever wondered what the biggest bird on earth is?  Well here is your answer!

The biggest bird on earth is…..The ostrich!

The ostrich can live for 70 years.  It also can’t fly, which is quite disappointing.

Have you ever seen an ostrich?

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Never Stop Growing…

Your teeth may fall out sometime, but they don’t keep growing.  A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing…And they never fall out!

Imagine having super long teeth that you would have to file every single day.  It would get annoying, wouldn’t it?  Welcome to a rabbit’s world.

If you happened to own a rabbit, you would have to feed the rabbit hard things (such as carrots) to trim their teeth.

Do you have a rabbit as a pet?

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