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Dog Collar Museum

Want to go to a museum?  Check out the museum of DOG COLLARS!

Yes, there is such thing!  You may be surprised, but there’s an entire museum devoted to dog collars.  But where’s the dogs?!

I bet there is every type of dog collar you can imagine in the Dog Collar Museum.

Do you have a dog?

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Spider-Man Mwanza!

What’s a mwanza?  A flat-headed agama lizard!  What does a mwanza look like?  Spider-Man!

This lizard really does look like Spider-Man!  With the colors and everything!

(Maybe even ask your parent for permission to look at one online!)

Do you like the movie, “Spider-Man”?

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An Orchestra…Of Veggies??

Most orchestras consists of musical instruments, like trumpets, flutes, etc.  But not this orchestra!

An orchestra in Australia plays music…But the musical instruments are made from veggies!

That’s right: an orchestra that has carrots, potatoes, and others.  Weird!

What’s your favorite type of veggie?

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Red…Has a Better Chance of Winning!

Do you compete in sports?  If you do, here’s a fact for you!

Studies show that teams (that are evenly matched) compete, the team that wears red have a better chance of winning!  Wow!

I guess red is a pretty powerful color!

Do you like red?


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Lots and Lots and Lots of Insects.

Yes, there are a lot of insects in this world.  Quite a lot buzzing around your head in the summer, too!

But did you know that there can be about as many insects in one square mile as there are people on the entire planet??!!

That’s crazy!  Now, it’s a small people world after all!

What is your most bothersome insect?

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Snail, Crawlin’ the Mile

Snails are slow, but they take forever to move one mile!

Snails actually take 220 hours to crawl a mile.  And that is nonstop!

I’m just glad that we don’t take that long to get somewhere!  :)

Do you have to travel a lot to get to some place?


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Chomp Those Hard Teeth!

Bones are pretty hard.

But teeth are tougher!

Teeth are actually harder than your bones.  They are really hard!!

What’s something really hard that you eat with your teeth?

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Heartbeat, Heartbeat.

Do you know how many times your heart beats in one day?

On average, your heart beats about 100,000 times each day!  Wow!

That would take forever to count!

Do you do a lot of sports that would raise your heart beat?


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It’s Here, But…No Center.

This fact is a little scary.

Our universe has absolutely NO center!

Does that mean it has no end, too?  Yikes!

Do you wonder what is out there sometimes?

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Yikes! A Boiling Moon?

Can the moon become hotter than boiling water?  Sure!

But it’s very true…The mood can get real cold and then real hot (hotter than your mom’s tea, that is!).

I’m just glad that it doesn’t get that hot here on earth.

Where have you gone that has been really hot??


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