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Regrow, Regrow…

Your skin sheds.  A lot.

Actually, your skin sheds and regrows about once every month!  That’s 12 times in a year!

Just think about all the skin that comes off of you…Ew.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever heard?

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Musical Spider Silk

Violin strings make music.  But spider silk has been used to make violin strings!

Isn’t that crazy?  Spiders can help make music.  Definitely weird! 

Do you play an instrument?


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The Fabulous Chewing Art

Can chewing be related to art?  Sure it can!

Some artists actually use chewing gum to make their paintings!

Instead of paint or pencil, imagine designing a picture with gum.  And I bet it has to be chewed too.  (Ew!)

What’s your favorite flavor of gum?

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Make Sure You Floss!

Being compared to a monkey…

Some monkeys in Thailand teach their young to floss.  No kidding!

But before the whole monkey population has shiny teeth, make sure we beat them by flossing ourselves!  :)

Do you floss?


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Lips, Teeth, Lips Again.

A beaver has an interesting mouth.

Beavers have a set of lips behind its front teeth!

That’s the opposite on human…we have our lips before our teeth.  At least we don’t look like a beaver!

What food do you mainly use with your teeth to chomp on?

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Floating…Or not Floating Fruits

Here’s something to puzzle over.

If you place an apple in water, it will float.  But if you place a pear in water, it will sink!

Hey, maybe if you make a raft with apples, you could stay afloat!  (but don’t mix it up with pears!)

What do YOU like better…apples or pears?

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Weighing Water

If you decided to weigh both cold water and hot water (in the same amounts), which would weigh more?

The answer: cold water!

Cold water weighs more than hot water, and hot water is lighter than cold water.


What are some things you use cold or hot water for?

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Backward Flying!

Most birds can fly forward, but hummingbirds are the only birds that can actually fly backward!

(And forward of course)

Also, an extra fact: a hummingbird’s wings beat 40 to 80 times a second.

Have you ever seen a hummingbird?

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Not Just Lava, but Lightning!

What can shoot out of a volcano?  Lava!

What can also shoot out of a volcano?  Bolts of lightning!

What’s the point of this fact?  Stay away from erupting volcanoes!

Have you ever seen a volcano erupt?


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Dream Away…

Bad dreams…Good dream…No matter what dream you’re having, you spend about 6 years of your life doing it!

And you spend a lot more time sleeping than just 6 years of your lifetime.  Those 6 years are dreaming years!

What are some crazy dreams you’ve had?

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