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Have you ever wanted to know more about the coolest stuff about animals, people, or places?  This blog is for you!  Everyday, you can check this blog for the weirdest and and most interesting facts you could ever imagine.  You can impress your friends with these amazing facts!  And above all, have fun.  This blog is totally for you and your brain.

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Sea Snail Mucus For You?

Here’s the gross fact of the day:

Sea snail mucus was once used to make purple dye.

I’m glad that’s a past tense “used to” and not “still does”!

What’s something gross that you want to share?

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Yummy…Fish Eggs?

I certainly wouldn’t like fish eggs in my mouth, and you probably wouldn’t either!

But did you know that various fish eggs HATCH in the dad’s mouth??

Talk about eating your kids!  :)

Do you like fish?  (not the eggs!)

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The FLAT Universe…

You may think the universe is round, right?  Just like Earth!

But actually, the universe is flat!

I wonder how big the universe really is…

What’s your favorite planet in space?


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Coconut…Not a Nut?

When you hear the word “coconut” you probably think, “nut!”

But actually, a coconut is NOT a nut, it’s a fruit!  Isn’t that crazy?

Now, the next time you eat a coconut, you can think, “I’m eating a fruit!”

Do YOU like coconut?

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Groovy Coins

A dime and a quarter…which one is smaller?  A dime of course, is much smaller!

But did you know that a quarter’s edge has 119 grooves and a dime has only one less, 118?

They are really TINY grooves, right?

What’s your favorite coin?

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Tree Sap Gum? Ick!

I sure wouldn’t want to chew on a piece of sap.  But the ancient Maya chewed gum made from tree sap!

Ew!  I wonder how that would taste.

I would prefer a regular piece of peppermint.

What is your favorite type of gum?

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A BIG Chocolaty Kiss

Have you ever had a Hershey’s kiss?  They are very yummy.

And here’s the BIGGEST Hershey’s kiss ever…a 12-foot-tall Hershey’s Kiss that weighs 30,540 pounds….

That’s a lot of chocolate.  It’s more than 3 million individual Kisses.

What’s your favorite chocolate?

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Glowing Scorpions.

Scorpions can be scary.  But they must be especially scary when they glow, too!

But don’t worry, scorpions glow…But only under black light.

I wonder what makes them glow?

Do you see a lot of scorpions?

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The Most Living Creature!

Beetles are pretty popular.

Actually, more beetles live on Earth than any other creature.

Isn’t that crazy?!  There must be a TON of beetles!

What’s your favorite type of beetle?

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Melting, Melting…

Frozen pops are really good, right?

Well, did you know that darker-colored frozen pops usually melt faster than lighter ones?

That means: a dark grape popsicle will probably melt faster than a lime green one!

Now here’s something you can tell your friends :)

What is your favorite flavor?

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