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Traffic Jam!

Traffic jams are a pain.  If you are late, traffic jams make you a lot more late.

But here’s a traffic jam you wouldn’t want to get stuck in: In China, there was a traffic jam that lasted for MORE than a WEEK!

Arg!  Then you would be a whole week late for school!

Do you have a lot of traffic jams where you live?

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Floating Rotten Eggs

Is your egg rotten?  (ew!) To test it, put it in a bowl of water.  If it floats, it’s a rotten old egg.

It’s scientifically proven that rotten eggs float!

And, of course, regular eggs don’t.

Do you like eggs?  In which way?  (Hard-boiled?  Fried?  Scrambled?)

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Female or Male Fish?

Have you ever wondered if a fish was male or female?  Well, once you figure it out, the fish can change gender the next day!

Some fish can change from male to female and then back to male…and then do it all over again!

So who knows?  Maybe the fish you caught today was a girl, but then decided to become a boy.  Weird!

Do you like fishing?

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Bamboo Socks, Anyone?

Socks can be made from cotton, polyester, or even wool…But have you ever heard of socks made from bamboo?!

But there is such a sock!  You can buy socks that are made from bamboo.

I wonder how they would feel on your feet!

What type of socks are you wearing right now?

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Laughing Rats?


Wait a second.  Was that just a rat?

Rats appear to laugh when tickled!  It’s true!  (Not that you would want to tickle a rat…)

So the next time you hear laughter, look around for laughing rats.  :)

Do you think rats are cute or just plain disgusting?

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Pets VS Babies

What’s more important in a typical American world?  Pets or babies?  Here’s a funny fact: Americans spend one and a half times more money on pet food than on baby food!

Wow!  Pets must be really important!

Or is it because pet food is more expensive than baby food…?

Do you have a pet or a baby sibling?

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Commonly Used Letters.

Have you ever wondered what the most commonly used letters are in the English language?

Well here you go!

1. “e”

2. “t”

3. “a”

4. “o”

Now go tell your friends what you found out today!!

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Long-Lasting Glass!

Sure, glass is tough.  But did you know that glass can actually last on earth for millions of years?!

I can guarantee that is longer than YOU will live on earth!  :)

Glass is tough, glass can be a nice secret weapon, don’t you think?

What’s something that you have that is made of glass?

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Tornado Watch!

May is the time for tornadoes.  Actually, tornadoes like May!

The most tornadoes happen in May.  Maybe we should start calling that month “Tornado May!”

The name DOES have a ring to it, don’t you think?  :)

Do you live in an area where tornadoes happen a lot?

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Swimmer Penguin

Penguins are super swimmers.  There is no doubting that!

Penguins can actually swim up to 3,100 miles in a year!  That amazing.

I bet YOU couldn’t swim that far in one year :)

Have you ever seen a penguin?

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